Making a change

So since you’ve clicked on this post I’m guessing that means your ready to make a change.

CONGRATULATIONS!!! good for you!

Now that you ready to do this your probably thinking, Where do I start.? With all the thousands upon thousands of articles out there it can be so confusing! I remember when I was first really getting into working out i just felt so overwhelmed with all the information i was reading. I hope that if you take one thing from this article its this.. Breath. Do not! get overwhelmed, yes it seems scary and intimidating but i promise you’ll be just fine!

First you need to decide why you are making this change.

It could be because your tired of the way you feel, the way you look, or you just want to be healthier! Whatever it is decide for yourself your reason for making a change. For me it was all three.. I was tired all the time, i felt horrible about myself because i was personally not happy with my looks, and i was not healthy (which lead to other problems.) When i sat down and really decided to give this health kick a go i took my why and used it as motivation, constantly reminding myself why I’m doing this. I would do this whenever I was on the treadmill ready to give up, planking, or trying to get that last rep in. This is key!!

Kitchen Haul!

Get rid of the junk!! The more temptation you have in your house the more likely you are to go in and sneak a cookie or a few…dozen chips. Now I know eating healthy and buying fresh organic food can be expensive so take baby steps! Don’t feel like you have to go and throw out everything in your pantry/refrigerator and start over. Transition one ingredient at a time. Replace your canola oil with coconut oil or olive oil. Buy another bunch of bananas instead of the chips. When your flour runs out, try whole wheat. If you can’t buy organic, it’s okay. Produce, even conventional, is going to be better for you than a bag of chips or a candy bar. Don’t let not being able to buy what you think of as best keep you from buying what is better .  I seriously cannot stress this enough.

Having a good support system is so important. Tell your spouse, family and friends what you are doing so they can help you along your journey (also so they wont call you tempting you with taco bell on their way home from work.)

A good support system is sooo vital to help motivate you and keep you on track.

But most importantly do this for you. Don’t do it because you feel like you have to do it because you want to.

One last thing.. stay positive!! Don’t go into this with a negative mindset. Negative energy only makes this process harder and it does your body no good. Instead congratulate yourself and your body for all the amazing work you’re doing!! I work out now because it makes me happy, less stressed, and I love the way i feel after a good gym session!

happiness-health-inspiration-life-favim-com-2063717XoXo ~ Lexie


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