Self Love

Self Love is something I find SO important and stress so much to people who are wanting to make a change in their life.

I’ve said this before in my earlier post but i would always be comparing myself to other girls and think wow she is so beautiful, I wish i had her body, and then look at myself and completely pick  myself apart. All that was doing was creating negative energy and thoughts that would race through my mind constantly. I didn’t care what i was putting in my body and i had a bad attitude about working out. I realized that in order to make a change I had to change how i viewed and thought about myself.  A lot of people nowadays have this mindset and say “well it doesn’t matter what harm is another slice of pizza really gonna do.” So many times our thoughts hinder us or bring us down, and I’m here to tell you that negative self-chatter is incredibly detrimental to truly loving yourself. Our brains are naturally wired for “survival” mode, so we have to work EXTRA hard to see the positive in everything.

When you start to truly love yourself and see your self-worth, you notice that your mind state and perspective shifts. Instead of criticizing yourself, you give yourself positive affirmations and motivation.

Human beings are like cake: we HAVE to fully bake ourselves before we start working on our outer shells. Otherwise we are unbaked, empty shells of people walking around trying to cover up insecurities to make sure no one takes a bite out of us and finds out the real under-cooked truth.

“Nothing Can dim the light that shines from within” – Maya Angelou

To practice self love start with realizing that appearance is not everything!!  The fact that we are all so consumed with looks is not our fault. The media has taught us to place importance on physical appearance. Pure self-love is the opposite – it starts from within  look in the mirror and think I’m happy being me, I love myself, and I accept myself exactly as I am now. We have to stop worrying and stop trying to live up to what the media tells us we should look like. BE YOU be happy!  When you love yourself, you are kind to yourself. That means no judgmental, or negative thoughts when you look in the mirror.

Your eating habits is just as important.. Take a honest look at what your eating. Are you eating because your actually hungry or are you eating just out of boredom, or because your sad, angry, or stressed?  Realize what your putting in your body and why your doing it. Is it coming from a place of  love or self pity? Your body  is like a machine and food is the fuel that keeps it going. You wanna love and nourish it with good food that is gonna keep you going longer not sugary and greasy food that is only gonna get you so far and eventually slow you down. the point is to eat from a place of nurturing your body, and eating food that will nourish and sustain it. Pay attention to what you ingest!  If we aren’t taking care of our bodies, we certainly are not practicing self-love.

Self love and confidence is not easy you really have to change your whole mindset  and how you view yourself. It’s not something that is gonna happen overnight and it takes a lot of work and motivation. It’s still something I am working on and have to keep reminding myself to practice everyday.



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