Giving Up

We’ve all been there.  Your rooms a mess, laundry’s piling up, you haven’t worked out in days. You’ve been binge eating chips, ice-cream, and finished watching season 2 of stranger things in one day staring at this mess around you and not caring cause you’ve simply just given up.  You feel like there’s rock bottom.. Fifty feet of crap, then you. Looking for a glimmer of hope thinking there’s no way I’m gonna get out of this.  I’m here to tell you its okay and you can.

Everyone get’s to this point in life, You get so wrapped up in your everyday routine and trying to juggle work, eating healthy, friendships, relationships, working out, keeping your house clean, school, getting 8  hours of sleep, while still trying to enjoy yourself and have fun. Then life throws a curve-ball at you,  it all becomes too much and one day all comes crashing down. That’s life my friends and yes it sucks BUT whatever your going through, whatever crappy thing your dealing with, i promise it’s not the end of the world and you WILL overcome it. Take it one day at a time. The come back is always so much sweeter and you come back SO much stronger.

Remind yourself..

You’re brave because life gives you every reason to want to give up and still, you rise, you pick yourself up and carry on. 

So how can you get through this?

Take some time to give yourself a break allow yourself to feel..  And no, I’m not JUST talking about the rest day in between a week of workouts. But the kind that allows your mind to relax – a mental health break. You know, a day to fully give yourself permission to just be. Go out and treat yourself, take a bath, get your hair done, go get a massage, go to lunch by YOURSELF, have some you time. 

Mental health is just as important as your physical health. Let me repeat that: Mental health is JUST AS IMPORTANT as your physical health.

We spend so much time talking about how important staying active and exercising is and while yes this is in fact true, neglecting your mental health can be just as dangerous too your body as eating a box of twinkies and drinking a liter of pop. Think of the body and mind as a team. They rely on each other. They support each other. If one of the team members is struggling, the other one will notice a difference too. And sometimes, one of the team members needs some help.

There is no shame in giving yourself some time off. Just don’t allow a day or two off turn into a month off.  Take a day and check in with yourself. Turn your phone off…  SLOW DOWN… then when your ready and feeling good slowly get back into your routine don’t rush back into your everyday life cycle and try to be exactly where you were once. I promise you will come back stronger than ever.

Listen to your body.  Do what feels good.

Love Always,

Alexis ♥





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