Consciousness and Positivity

Ask anyone what they want out of life and 9 out of 10 times they say, Success, or Happiness. I know that those are two of my biggest goals in life as well as living a positive life. I always try to stay positive in any situation, but it wasn’t until I hit a low in my life that i really sat down with myself and thought OK, how do i get myself back to that point of being positive and happy?

These tips are all about living your best life, to be more positive, courageous, and happy. To help you tap into or back into your consciousness.

Listen – 

When your with someone truly listen to what there saying and take inspiration from it. Nowadays people are so busy and unaware of their surroundings and the people around them. People are too tied down to their phones completely occupied by social media, or texting someone else that they aren’t aware of whats going on right in front of them. Get to know the people around you. Listen to feel.

Listen to yourself, Listen to your heart. When you go into a situation and your conflicted, your minds trying to stop you and put doubt in your head. Your torn and unsure of what to do STOP!  Breathe and listen to your heart. Sit with yourself and genuinely listen. Take into consideration what your body is trying to tell you, not just what your mind is telling you. This comes into play with your intuition. It’s like when everyone says “Go with your Gut.” your body and heart go hand in hand. There’s a feeling in your heart that comes when you receive the right message. Go with that. Your mind does not control you. If your body is telling you to avoid certain people, places, or things, listen to it. Your body is your compass in the physical world. Learn to flow with it. Stay present and become aware of its messages.

health –

Look after yourself, Eat good food, MOVE YOUR BODY.

Everyday we eat, we are constantly putting stuff in our body and we really have no idea what they put in it or what kind of preservatives are in the food we are eating. Nourish your body with good food. Your body is constantly on. Even in your sleep it’s still working. Your body does  SO MUCH for you. Give your body a little rejuvenation, a present back.. say thank you by moving it. It needs a way to release and remove the excess junk we are putting in it. Like stale energy it needs a release. exercise gives you a natural high. Natural happy endorphin’s.  It builds up your serotonin levels. exercise cleanses your mind, cleanses your body, and overall makes you feel good. I call it my therapy. The place I go to let go and center myself.

reflection –

Reflecting has been something I’ve come to love. Everyone reflects in a different way whether it be verbally, journalism, drawing, poetry.. I personally LOVE to journal. My mind drifts and it feels so good to just let it all out on a piece of paper and allow my mind to just take off. Write, journal, create art as an outlet for your emotions and feelings, honour your feelings and then let them move on. Reflection helps you go okay.. This happened.. this is how it made me feel.. this is how I wanna progress from this moment and then let it go. It helps you too get whatever it is that happened out of your mind and basically “document” it to help you move and grow from it. Too many times we linger over past hurt and allow it too take over our lives. Which stunts our growth and stops us from living life to the fullest.

Alone time –

Find comfort in your presence after all this is your vessel for life, find joy within self & within solitude. This helps you tap into your higher self that hovers above you and really helps too open up your consciousness. You can really hear yourself speak. Get to know yourself. Eat alone, go see a movie by yourself.. Say “what do I need?”  Who are you when your alone.?

Patience – 

Have patience. Everything happens exactly when it should and believe that everything happens for a reason. I believe that God has a plan for everyone and that whatever it is your wishing and hoping for will come just when it’s supposed to and at the right time.

and lastly..

Be fueled by passion and love. Those are two of the most powerful emotions we have. Find balance in your life. Word hard but don’t let work take over your life. You will lose yourself. Love, but love for the right reasons. Life is too short for anything mediocre. Know who you are and know that you are worthy of reaching your dreams and that it’s never to late to start creating that life you have always dreamed of.


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